Lions Club Sponsors a Bowling “Fun-Raiser”

brett & Katie
Katie and Brett Grossman help organize the Vicksburg Lions Club bowling “Fun-Raiser.”

By Sue Moore

The 7th annual Vicksburg Lions Club bowling “Fun-Raiser” has become so much fun in the middle of a long winter that it sold out in just 11 days. The invitation was posted by event organizers Brett and Katie Grossman on January 5, with its success now guaranteed. It will be held on Sunday, February 11 from noon to 3 p.m. at Continental Lanes at 3645 Van Rick in Kalamazoo. Those who missed the invite are welcome to come and cheer on their favorite team, Grossman said.

“It’s something to do in the greyest doldrums of a long Michigan winter,” he said with a chuckle. “We’ve had success at really unique prize giveaways from local businesses and sponsors. Last year we gave away over 100 separate gift cards, gift sets and promotional items donated by supporters. One of the more unique giveaways was a 6-foot sailfish which was rescued from one of Student Haulers’ junk removal efforts. It was won at the event and now proudly hangs in the Village Hideaway.”

There were 20 lane sponsors last year, with the Lions Club hoping to have sponsorships for all 32 lanes at Continental where Vicksburg native and general manager Randy Rowlson holds forth. “He is wonderful to work with,” Grossman said.

“There are six people on a team and we do our best to accommodate lane placement requests. People love to spend a few hours on a Sunday with their friends and family. There are lot of long-standing but friendly team-based side wagers for total pins, splits and whatever,” Grossman said.

The “Fun-Raiser” proceeds go to support the many commitments the club makes to the community of Vicksburg and to Lions International.

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