Vicksburg Garden Network Blossoms

gardening 1
Donna Simonton displays her tomato crop from her Community Garden plot.

By Carol Meyer-Niedzwiecki

The flowers are in bloom brightening up the winter doldrums with splashes of color. Dreams of fresh veggies and herbs float through gardeners’ heads as they pore over seed catalogs and review the garden bounty from last season. April is all about clearing out the unwanted, digging in what was left behind to add to the richness of the soil running through gardeners’ fingers and rakes.

The Vicksburg Garden Network is inviting new gardeners to join them for the exercise, fresh air, good times with fellow gardeners learning new tricks and getting inspired. Plots are now available in the Heritage Garden, located in the Vicksburg Historic Village, and the Pantry Garden, located next to the Leja Business park.

Anyone with an interest in eating as local as it gets, munching a salad grown with your own hands, cooking with herbs guaranteed to spice up many a dish? For info on getting involved, call Carol (269) 568-0580. What could be better than a free plot and quality time spent with others in the great outdoors right here in the village of Vicksburg?

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