Special Guest Car Presented by Larry Gardon

Gardin Studebaker
The classic Studebaker Champion Taxi Cab.

Larry Gardon, a longtime friend of the Vicksburg Old Car Festival, comes to the show every year from his home in Quincy. He has presented several of his cars as special guest cars, among them a Divco Milk Truck, Studebaker Golden Hawk and his all-original 1919 Studebaker Touring car which had been put away and not driven since the 1930s.
Gardon is an exceptional old car collector and has done several high-quality restorations of unique vehicles.

This year he will be presenting his freshly restored 1940 Studebaker Champion Taxi Cab. Studebaker was produced not far from Vicksburg in South Bend, Ind.

Gardon’s car is painted in the classic cab yellow with burgundy fenders and plain naugahyde interior for commercial use. It is equipped with all the equipment and trappings of a pre-war taxi. It will be on display at the corner of Main and Prairie streets on Saturday, June 8.

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