Brady Township Elected Officials Trade Chairs

brady twp officers
Tracy Locey, Brady Township supervisor on the left and Randy Smith, now a Brady Township trustee on the right.

By Sue Moore

Tracy Locey, long-time elected clerk in Brady Township and appointed clerk in Vicksburg, has been appointed township supervisor by Brady’s board of trustees. She replaces Randy Smith, who retired as supervisor May 1.

This has led to several other shifts on the elected board and in Vicksburg village hall. Michelle Crawford, a township trustee, has been appointed to replace Locey as township clerk and has resigned her position as customer service representative in the village office. Her appointment to the township clerk position required the appointment of a trustee to take her place, bringing Randy Smith back to the board.

If that isn’t exactly clear, one thing that is evident is that there will be several experienced people moving around in the township positions, all of whom will face election in November.

Locey will split her time with the village as clerk and with the township as supervisor. She is leaving the post of administrator to the South Kalamazoo County Fire Authority because she was appointed to that board as the township’s representative.

Locey plans to continue her schedule of office hours at the Brady Township hall on Monday and Wednesday and at the village offices on Tuesday and Thursday. She also sets up shop on Fridays at the Nazarene camp grounds as their bookkeeper. She is available via email or 269-649-1813. Her office hours at each of the locations are are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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