Well-Known Bands to Play at the B & B

bb 11By Tanner White

The Vicksburg Lions Club’s 45th Annual B&B Summer Festival features an array of live performances from talented local and travelling bands. One of the staple bands set to perform on Friday night is The Backroads Band. Formerly known as The Rustic Band, it plays covers of classic and modern rock and country songs.

The band has been a cornerstone of Friday night festivities at the B&B for almost 20 years, recognized and cheered for its cohesive sound and appeal to hometown audiences. Live music is a perennial attraction at the B&B, and attendees often laud the live music and its contribution to the festival atmosphere. The band’s set begins Friday night at 8:30 p.m during the Adult Corn Hole Tournament.

Two members of the band are Vicksburg locals. Bob Soter plays the drum set and Charlie Pritchard plays lead guitar. The band’s take on rock and country from the 1970s to today means it’s popular among listeners of all ages. Doug Stafinski, chair of the B&B, urges fans to come out and support the Backroads Band and to enjoy great entertainment at the B&B on Friday, July 27, in the Pavilion at the Vicksburg Historical Village.

Saturday has DC-90 featured beginning at 9 p.m. It is a party-rock band that loves to get fans out on the dance floor to move with their music.

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