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Schoolcraft School Board Approves Property Gift

By Travis Smola

Schoolcraft school district officials are pondering what to do with a residential lot given to the district in May.

The property is a gift from alumnus Tom Newhouse of Kalamazoo as a way of giving back to the community.

“My gift of a residential lot is in gratitude to the Schoolcraft Community Schools for the fine education I received there,” Newhouse said in an email. “I appreciate the teachers, staff, classmates of 1965 and community for their support. I›m grateful, too, for the hard work of the Schoolcraft School Board and Superintendent Rusty Stitt.”

Superintendent Stitt said the parcel, valued at $28,000, is designated for a home in the Virginia Downs Plat. The board moved to accept the lot in May.

One option for the district is simply to sell it. Stitt said he was told a neighbor is interested in the lot. But the board also briefly discussed the possibility of the building trades program doing something with the lot.

The district was still undecided what to do at their July board meeting. Board President Darby Fetzer said it will probably come up at some point in the future.

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