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By Sue Moore

Michigan, the Water Wonderland! Who would have dreamed that we would first be dealing with the Flint water crisis, then PFAS in Rockford and much closer to home in Parchment? We drink the village water whether as a resident or while frequenting a restaurant. We all want to be sure it is free of contaminants.

The village managers of Vicksburg and Schoolcraft have given assurances that our water is good to drink with no PFAS detected. Both villages have been tested as recently as early this summer and the results were negative as to the 70 parts per trillion (PPT) that the state says is an acceptable standard. There are some who say the standard should be much lower, to only 5 PPT. Legislation has been introduced to that effect.

Crayfish in the Water

Speaking of water containments, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has found crayfish in Sunset Lake again this year. Seth Herbst, the head of the Fisheries Division has been testing the lakes around us for the little gems and thus far they seem to be contained in Sunset Lake. “The red swamp crayfish survived the winter (not a surprise) and are being captured again at Sunset Lake,” Herbst said. “We haven’t documented any significant spread of this species to our local water bodies, so that is encouraging. We have had issues with people stealing some of the crayfish traps that we have been setting in Clark Park, which has hindered our efforts.”

Distant Whistle Celebrates Second Anniversary

Dane Bosel and Andy Clouse have made it through the hardest part of starting a new business. They celebrated their second anniversary of making craft beer at the Distant Whistle in downtown Vicksburg. They are even expanding into the building next door on 116 S. Main Street to increase capacity. Their brewery is attracting folks who love good beer in a homey environment. Congratulations on your success.

Another Trail Possibility

Don Ulsh, Schoolcraft Township supervisor, announced the possibility of using the right of way that Indiana Michigan Power Company has developed on W Avenue between Vicksburg and Schoolcraft. The utility has cut a swath of land for a high voltage transmission line which could be used as a walking trail to connect the two villages. He has had conversations with the power company and is hoping they will be amenable to this idea.

Hornet Collection

A local entrepreneur, Toby Rochafellow, has an unusual business as a sideline to his banking v.p. job at PNC. He captures hornet nests. He does this for free to the homeowner or business that is harboring them. He turns around and sells them to a company in Pennsylvania that extracts the venom to use for immune therapy purposes. They are shipped in dry ice. People in HazMat suits then deal with the insects to remove one small drop of the venom. His father started the business in Lansing where he resides. Toby’s brother, a teacher, also does this in his off-time. Contact him at 517-712-8273.

Meet the Candidates Night in Schoolcraft

Four candidates have filed for two positions on the Schoolcraft School Board. The election for these seats will be on the Nov. 7 ballot along with elections for governor, state and federal legislators and other state officials. Local elections are just as important according to Katie Redmond, president of the Schoolcraft PTO. Their group is looking forward to hosting a Meet the Candidate Night on Wednesday, September 19th at 6 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria. The public is urged to attend.

Those filing for the six-year terms are incumbents Darby Fetzer, current board chair; Mike Rochholz, former board chair; Wade Rutkowski, president of the Boosters Association and Rachel Phelps, formerly an assistant to administrators at the high school and now administrative assistant in the Community Education department in Vicksburg schools.

“We are asking all candidates to submit a short blurb about who they are, including name, family, ties to Schoolcraft, why they are running for the board, something that can be shared to the public before the Candidate Night,” Redmond said.

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