Eagles Lose a Close Game to Kalamazoo United

sch football 3
Kalamazoo United’s defense kept Schoolcraft’s Kobe Clark bottled up most of the night during a rain plagued football game.

By Mark Blentlinger

Anticipation of the varsity football game between Kalamazoo United and Schoolcraft was high. With the conference title on the line and an undefeated season for the Titans, it was expected to be a high-scoring game, with United leading the state as the highest scoring offense. Titan QB Erik Wenzel is one of the top 10 players in the running for top high school player in the state. On the Eagles offense is Kobe Clark, state record holder for touchdowns scored in a single game – nine. The game was played at Vicksburg High School, since the Titan’s field was unusable due to poor conditions. The weather the past couple Friday nights had played a factor in the outcome of a few games. October 19th was not going to be any different. It was again windy and rained all night long.

The Eagles went into halftime with a 20-7 lead, just like two weeks earlier. The Titans found themselves needing to make a comeback, to keep their undefeated season going. Challenge accepted. But Wenzel and the Titans were able to put up 14 points in the 4th quarter, defeating the Eagles 21-20 to head into the playoffs as the conference champions.

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