Village Council Approves Fixing Redundant Water Main

By Travis Smola

The Schoolcraft Village Council approved a request from Department of Public Works Superintendent Rob Coffman to fund the Cass Street redundant water main project.

Village manager Cheri Lutz said it is called “redundant” because it will add a second line from the well house. If the older main breaks, the new main would guarantee the ability to supply water to the village.

The estimated cost is $178,000, but there is some good news regarding the cost. “We do not have to go out and borrow money for this project, which is a wonderful thing,” Coffman said.

Finance Director Tammi Youngs crunched the numbers and found the project can fit into the village’s budget for this fiscal year based on already budgeted spending and incoming funds. The construction estimate includes engineering costs and contingency funds for unforeseen problems. “Hopefully it’s not going to go over that,” she said.

Trustee Michael Rochholz commended Youngs for the plan, saying it was mapped out well. Trustee Kathy Mastenbrook asked if there were any grants that could be used for the project. Coffman said there are loans, but no grant monies available.

While the project will be paid for this fiscal year, it won’t actually happen until next April or May because frost must be out of the ground before construction can begin. “We want them to do it before summer because that is when high demand (for water) is,” Coffman said.

Coffman said they are uncertain how long the project may take. He added some residents may be without water for a day or two.

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