Large Voter Turnout in Kalamazoo County Goes Mostly for the Dems

voteBy Sue Moore

Kalamazoo County went heavily blue for Democrats in some mid-term races last Tuesday, including rejection of Republican State Senator Margaret O’Brien’s bid for a second term. She lost to Democrat Sean McCann.

In contrast, the voters stayed with Republican state representatives in the 61st and 63rd districts, handing Brandt Iden his seat for a third term. Matt Hall won an overwhelming victory in the 63rd.

Further down the ballot, two elections that meant a lot locally were for Vicksburg’s Village Council and Schoolcraft’s school board. Rick Holmes, Carl Keller and Julie Merrill beat Denny Olson and Ron Smith for Vicksburg council four-year terms. In Schoolcraft, Darby Fetzer and Rachel Phelps edged out Michael Rochholz and Wade Rutkoskie for six-year school board terms.

John Gisler retained his seat on the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners but will be one of just three Republicans on the 11-member board that went overwhelmingly for Democrats.

In Wakeshma Township, the request for a 10-year road repair millage passed convincingly with 354 yes votes vs. 191 no votes.

Following are the actual vote counts:

Dist. 8, County Board

Candidate Party Votes
John Gisler Republican Party 6,043
Cody Dekker Democratic Party 4,249
Write-in Nonpartisan 3

Vicksburg Village Council

Candidate Votes
Rick Holmes 632
Carl E. Keller 569
Julie Merrill 680
Denny Olson 459
Ronald D. Smith 423
Write-in 17

Schoolcraft School Board

Candidate Votes
Darby Fetzer 1,111
Rachel Phelps 1,143
Michael Rochholz 1,034
Wade Rutkoskie 1,042
Write-in 19

61st State Rep District

Candidate Party Votes
Brandt Iden Republican Party 24,009
Alberta Griffin Democratic Party 22,725
Write-in Nonpartisan 164

63rd State Rep District

Candidate Party Votes
Matt Hall Republican Party 22,709
Jennifer Aniano Democratic Party 15,807
Ronald Hawkins Libertarian Party 1,059
John Anthony La Pietra Green Party 557
Write-in Nonpartisan 40

20th State Sen District

Candidate Party Votes
Margaret O’Brien Republican Party 48,197
Sean McCann Democratic Party 60,523
Lorence Wenke Libertarian Party 5,273
Write-in Nonpartisan 171

6th Congressional District

Candidate Party Votes
Fred Upton Republican Party 147,314
Matt Longjohn Democratic Party 134,069
Stephen J. Young U. S. Taxpayers Party 11,923
Write-in Nonpartisan 193





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