Area Resident Honored by Beekeepers Association

By Sue Moore

“Charlotte Hubbard of Schoolcraft is a treasure and a gift to the beekeepers in our state,” said Meghan Milbrath, head of communications for the Michigan Bee Keepers Association.

The association selected Hubbard as beekeeper of the year for 2018.

“She has absolutely earned the recognition for her hard work supporting Michigan bees and beekeepers,” Vicksburg beekeeper Greg Willis said. “Charlotte has been a great ambassador for beekeeping and is one of the speakers who can reach new bees and old bees alike. Her talks bring back the wonder and joy of being a beekeeper, and her enthusiasm when she presents brings beekeeping on a joyful trip with her. From her keynote presentation at the Upper Peninsula Beekeepers meeting to her rousing game of Bee-ingo, beekeepers benefit when Charlotte presents.”

Charlotte is the author or multiple bee books, which can be found on her website. All of the proceeds from her books go to charities. She helps push out more beekeeping education by acting as a strict and efficient editor for other authors. She once even wrote a weekly column for the Vicksburg Commercial-Express. She headed a business in Schoolcraft that published manuals for Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies.

She served as the editor of the Kelley Bee Newsletter and is now the editor of the MBA Newsletter. “We didn’t have a great newsletter until Charlotte stepped in and put in the time to compile great news and info, and more importantly, nag the district reps to contact the beekeepers in their region, and let us know what is going on around the state,” Willis elaborated. He is the southwest regional board member for the association and a vendor at the Vicksburg Farmers’ Market.

The award document cited how generous she is with her time and knowledge mentoring new beekeepers. She has mentored many, whatever their level of beekeeping knowledge (or anxiety). She has provided much support to young beekeepers, helping them get to meetings and travel for education. Charlotte is a gracious host to travelling beekeepers and speakers, opening her home – and pontoon boat. She is the coordinator of the Kalamazoo bee school, is active in her local bee club, and helps teach beekeeping and maintains the apiaries at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

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