Vicksburg’s Newest Teaching Staff

2018-12-10 09.11.02Sixteen new teachers in the Vicksburg Community School system were introduced to the school board members at their December meeting. They are in back, from left, Angie First, Laura Richardson, Beth Schmid, Kristen Roberts, Callie Baker, Jori Machiela, Heather Richeson, Jennifer Schmidtendorff, Sarah Bacalia and Denny Roehm. In the front row, from left, are Chelsie Schimp, Marissa Chiodo, Amy Lawrence, Sarah Fleming, Chelsey Jones and Meredith Spicer. They have been on duty since September in the classrooms and cited some insights about their experiences.

“This is a close knit and supportive staff. I love being part of the team,” said Fleming. “I work with the kindest and well-mannered kids,” said Machiela. “I’m an Indian Lake alum,” said Chelsie Schimp. “I grew up here and always wanted to work in Vicksburg. I just love the kids and the school.” “I haven’t heard the word NO yet,” claimed Amy Lawrence. “This is a very collaborative place to teach in with lots of support,” said Marissa Chiodo. “The administration and leadership here is awesome,” according to Bacalia, special education consultant.

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