On the Corner

By Sue Moore

This crazy weather brings lots of challenges for each of us. A special one was brought to my attention by Nancy Glass. She is a resident of Cedar Park in Schoolcraft which is a group of apartments for seniors, based upon income or disability factors.

There are 22 apartments and no garages, so residents’ cars sit out all winter exposed to the vicissitudes of the weather. Not many of the residents are able to clean the heavy snow off their cars when it gets like what we are going through this winter. She is hoping that some goodhearted volunteers might find their way to Cedar Street and take a few minutes to brush off snow, perhaps shovel a little bit and get residents who can drive out on the road.

To do this good deed, it would be advisable to call Shelley Clark, the apartment manager at 269-679-5469. They do have someone who plows the parking lot. The need is to clean between the cars and the sidewalks.

History Day Sponsored by the Historical Society

In a partnership with the Vicksburg School system, the Historical Society is sponsoring History Day for elementary students up through the middle school. Kids in social studies classes will be given the opportunity to pick a historical subject about Michigan’s Role in the Civil War and Pioneer Living, research it, write a paper and make a presentation for judges from the Historical Society. There will be two age groups, kindergarten through fifth grade and sixth through eighth grade with prizes awarded to the top three in each group. It will culminate with the annual Civil War day that the eighth graders experience at the Historic Village grounds on May 17.

There is a state and national History Day that has been celebrated for many years in conjunction with the Michigan Historical Society and National History Day. The planners of this local exercise from the Historical Society board are Brendan McCaw and Dana Wagner along with teachers in the elementary and middle schools.

Schoolcraft Masonic Lodge #118 Sponsors Cabin Fever Blow Out

Jeff Landtroop of Vicksburg has been a Lodge member in Schoolcraft for many years. He has taken a more active role in its fundraiser this year as it seeks to raise money for scholarships for Schoolcraft’s graduating seniors. A band out of South Bend will entertain the 500 people Landtroop expects to attract to the event. It takes place at the Lawton Community Center on Saturday, March 2.

United Way Applications

Fawn Callen has announced that applications are available for organizations that have a project suitable for funding by United Way. They can be obtained by emailing her at: fawncallen@gmail.com.

Jack Moss, Kalamazoo Gazette Sports Editor, Dies of Parkinson’s Disease

Jack was a walking encyclopedia of athletes’ names, numbers and their accomplishments in high school and college in this area. I read his sports column every day just to see if I agreed with his pronouncements. He was the heart and soul of the Kalamazoo Gazette in an era where newspapers were still respected fountains of wisdom. Kaye Bennett and Mike Hardy (of Vicksburg), who worked there with him, jokingly accuse this writer of being just like Jack in one way only: Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

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