Black History Month – a Month of Remembrance

By Schoolcraft 8th Graders Alivya Mandigo (Writer/ Interviewer),
Brandon Machinski (Photographer), and Aidan Flinton (Copy Editor)

Black History Month was established in 1926 and has been celebrated in February by many Americans ever since. It’s a month when schools, libraries, businesses and other organizations honor African Americans who fought for their rights. Many schools use the month to further educate students about the people who represented themselves and their beliefs in a way that made a difference in the world.

African Americans are honored because they did what everybody thought was undoable – they stood up even when they were told to sit down, because they believed they could make a difference for themselves and others.

The observance goes beyond our own borders; It’s an annual observance in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands. The European nations observe it in October.

The Schoolcraft Community Library purchases and sets out books that highlight achievements of African American men and women to help people become more aware about black history. A librarian points out it’s not a topic generally addressed.

An 8th grade student from Vicksburg says that her school doesn’t really do anything to acknowledge this month or educate the students about these important people. This student was asked if she thought this month was important to celebrate. “Yes, because we need to remember important people.” She also says that she thinks her school should start a club for students that are curious about the topic of black history instead of stopping current units to learn about it.

Black History Month is a time of honoring and celebrating African Americans, though a lot of schools and businesses in our area still don’t do enough to acknowledge it.

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