Card Making for the Crafty Bride

Sue Smink arranges sample cards to advertise the Card Making Workshop being held at the Vicksburg District Library on February 16.

By Adrianne Schinkai, Head of Circulation and Reference Services, Vicksburg District Library

After the program’s great success and attendance in October, the Vicksburg District Library will once again be holding its Card Making Workshop on Saturday, February 16. October’s program sold out, filling all 20 of the available spaces. In exchange for a small fee, participants were given materials and instruction in how to craft specialty handmade Christmas cards for the holidays.

Hosts and instructors Sue Smink and Linda Adams, both library employees, were thrilled at the praise and requests for more. When asked about the patron desire for more classes, Smink smiled fondly. “A lot of ladies were excited [about learning this craft] and I was really pleased about that. It’s nice to have people excited about the same things as you.”

While the program is open to all and is not wedding-centered, it is a great opportunity for any bride-to-be to get crafty and hands-on with their wedding planning. The techniques learned can be used on any type of greeting card, from birthdays to valentines, and yes, wedding invitations and thank you cards. Cutting, embossing, and layering are just some of the skills Smink and Adams can teach a bride so she can design her cards and make them her own. “Making wedding invitations by hand is ambitious,” Smink warns as she puts together a board of sample cards for the event. “But it’s also quite rewarding. I would recruit help. I use Pinterest for ideas often and think it is a great place to start.”

Smink adds, “Start sooner rather than later.” While the workshop is still weeks away, she works diligently cutting and placing pieces so there are enough materials for each participant in the program. Adams checks in with her occasionally to make sure a run to the store isn’t needed and supplies are ample. When asked about the idea of turning the Card Making Workshop a regular program at the library, Smink’s smile widened. “I would like it,” she says, “because it’s fun. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is just so much fun!”

The workshop will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 from 1-4 p.m. in the meeting room of the Library. The cost per seat is $4, which buys the participant material to create five cards. Each additional card can then be purchased for $1 each. Reservations are required ahead of time and can be booked by calling the Circulation Desk at (269) 649-1648.

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