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Kaytee Harvey to Play Volleyball at Albion College

kaytee 1
Kaytee Harvey and her family.

By Sue Moore

Vicksburg Volleyball Coach Katrina Miller calls Kaytee Harvey her most improved player in the 2018 season. Now Harvey is moving on to play volleyball at Albion College with a bundle of academic scholarships to help with expenses.

Chad Miller, the assistant coach with his wife for the Vicksburg team, said Harvey is one of the nicest girls he has ever coached. “She’s a hard worker. She took my input and just went to work to improve. She’s possibly the best middle player now in our league. She has good arm swing on the ball when she attacks.”

Head Coach Miller complimented Harvey on her leadership. “She has a passion for the game. She realized she needed to step up as a senior and make a difference for the team. Her maturity as a leader made a big difference in our season.” She was chosen by her classmates for the basketball Homecoming Court.

Harvey chose Albion because of its small class size, the small campus and the one-on-one opportunities she will have with teachers. “I can get help if I need it,” Harvey said. She sports a 4.0 in her high school courses and plans on being a pre-med major at Albion. That might come naturally to her; her mom, Kim, is an Interventional Radiology Technologist who is presently working in Clearwater, FL. That means the family will be uprooting from Fulton where they have lived since Harvey was in second grade. She has a grandmother who lives just around the corner, so she can stay with her when she’s home from college. Her dad, Tim, is a 1981 Vicksburg graduate and works online from his home base, whether it be in Fulton or Clearwater, he said.

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