Schoolcraft and Vicksburg Homecoming Courts

Schoolcraft royaltySchoolcraft’s basketball Homecoming court are pictured from left: Freshman class representatives: Kiarae Brooks and Rickey Peters; Junior class representatives: Paige Reid and Prince Garret Buchheit; senior class representatives:  Grey Buchheit and Dean Morris, Annika Varker and King Brady Flynn, Queen Abby Blodgett and Phillip Stafford; sophomore representatives: Princess Maeve Stitt and Tom Dailey. Photo by Stephanie Blentlinger, Lingering Memories Photography.

IMG_1994Vicksburg’s basketball Homecoming court are pictured from left: Brendan Monroe, Avalee Goodman Sophomores; Jack Tomer and Anna Moore, juniors; Shane Earl and Micayla Bozeman, Kevin Veld, Madeline Geiger, Nick Armitage, Kaytee Harvey, seniors; David Pitts, junior prince, Autumn Johnson, junior Princess; Kyle Kelly, senior King; Mia Mulhearn, senior Queen; Levi Shepard, Emily White, juniors; Levi Sehy, Nevaeh Gates sophomores; Blake Ford, Savina Centofanti freshmen.

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