A History of Fishing in Vicksburg on September 2

vix fishing pic
This picture of a Vicksburg fisherman of old was found in the files of the Historical Society to illustrate Randy Seilheilmer’s coming talk about the great fishing experiences on the local lakes.

Randy Seilheimer, a former board member of the Historical Society, has been tapped to do another one of his great talks for the 2019 Speaker Series, this one on fishing, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 25. It is sponsored by the Society and open to the public in the township hall on the grounds of the Historic Village.

John Vickers did modern anglers a great favor when he put a brush dam across Gourdneck Creek 188 years ago.  Fish that used to pass through decided to stick around, along with people looking for a great place to live.  However, Vicksburg had more than one fishin’ hole to brag about.  Consider this: Bulldog sports teams might have been called the Lakers.

The Lee Paper company newsletter gave away secrets about local hot spots along with wise and perceptive warnings about the future.  While mom and the kids were at the Spiritualist camp south of town 110 years ago, dad could well be at camp on Indian lake, fishing.

Did you ever want to meet a world-famous fly-tyer?  He had a shop at 126 Main Street.  He also patented two bass baits.  Check your great grandparents’ tackle box.  If you find one of his lures in its original box you could now afford a nice weekend at the Grand Hotel.  Do you have a modern fishing reel?  Do you fish with a weed-less hook?  They have their origins in Vicksburg.

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