vix team cross

Cross Country from left, front row: Hannah Laughery, Jolene Barcelo, Justin Reed, Benjamin Welch, Ethan Cox, Mitchell Klyne, Tanner Bartholomew, Nick Akins, Joseph Loriso, Kyle Campbell, Amanda Laughery, Olivia Beyer. Second row: Paige Mohney, Kinsay Riddle, Hannah Fenwick, Evan Frank, Jackson Hambright, Connor Richardson, Maddox Porter, Levi Thomas, Cole Romig, Jacob Malocha, Tucker Radgens, Jake Naster, Molly Young, Samantha Richardson, Savina Centofanti. Third row: Benjamin Hambright, Kenny Youngs, Cody Straka, Coach Lucas Wolthuis, Coach Trey Williams, Charlie Wester, Keagan Ellsworth, Dylan Briggs. Not pictured: Sawyer Barton, Drew Geiger, Noah Haines.

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