vix varsity FB 1

Varsity Football from left, first row: Jacob Conklin, Jacob Baird, Christian Roth, Jayce Todd, Zane Lehmkuhl, Jared Gorsline, Landen Balkema, Toby Stock, Carter Root. Second row: Chase Myers, Lucas Hatridge, Brendan Monroe, Ethan Razmus-Buscher, Cole Straka, Brian Roberts, Elijah Bombich, Brandon Thompson. Third row: Tanner Groves, Stephen Phelps, Stephen McCowen, Logan Sprinkle, Ben Hackman, Gunnar Niewiadomski, Carter Coffinger, Tyler Buddemeier. Fourth row: Collin Klinger, Kevin Munn, Brady Nason, Levi Sehy, Brandin Yant, Kyle Rose, Tim Axtell. Back row coaches: Cody Caswell, Tom Marchese, Brian Deal, Kurt Phelps.

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