Walking to Western for Schoolcraft Scholarships

By Sue Moore

A team of 10 Schoolcraft teachers and administrators continued Superintendent Rusty Stitt’s walk and ride in 2018 to raise money for scholarships last year. This August, they chose an 18-mile road trip to Western Michigan University (WMU) via the Kalamazoo Valley Community College campus.

The money raised will provide scholarships for the class of 2020.

Seven of the walkers made it all the way to the University campus through back roads and highways to be greeted by University administrators and the Schoolcraft High School band. When they arrived at the College of Education building, WMU pledged $500 scholarships for two students. Kalamazoo Valley Community College had pitched in with two more Trustee scholarships. The University’s scholarships will be awarded to Schoolcraft seniors who expect to major in education or human development.

The goal is $15,000. The fund now totals $13,445, according to Matt McCullough, director of innovation in teaching and learning in Schoolcraft.

Dr. Stitt was the only one on the team who ended up with blisters so bad that he had to drop out at the 16-mile mark. Two others had prior appointments and had to leave by 11:30. The team rolled into Western at about 12:30 and were bused back to the high school campus after the brief ceremony. Donations are still being sought to be able to offer the class of 2020 $7,500 worth of scholarships through this walk. The other half will go to the Schoolcraft Foundation to help grow the fund.

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