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1959 Track and Field Team

The 1959 boys track and field team won the team state championship that year. In the fifties anyone running 440 yards or more was limited to just one event. What makes this feat even more amazing that we did not have a track in Schoolcraft until 1984. For practice the team ran from Cass St. to 14th St. to Lyons St., ending at Cedar St.

In 1959 the name of Randy John cock appears on the track record board in the SHS gym for the shotput. The team was dominated by sprinters John Munson, Dean Boone and Louie Burdick. Middle distant runners were the Rodebaugh brothers, Jon and Dennis and Roydon Maile. This team was coached by Mr. Trembley. The scoring was done by the following: Jon Rodebaugh, state champion in the 880 yard run; John Munson, 2nd place in the 220; Dean Boone, 2nd place in the 440; relay team, 2nd place in the 880; Dennis Rodebaugh, 3rd place in the 880; John Munson, 3rd place in the 100 yard dash.

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