Dr. Jack Sauer Honored

Doctor Sauer accepts his award surrounded by family.

Doc Sauer is from the Kalamazoo area. He moved to Schoolcraft when in the 5th grade, graduating in 1949. At a young age he decided he wanted to be a veterinarian. After graduation from high school he attended Michigan State College (later the University) where he received his Bachelor of Science, Master’s degree and his Doctorate.

Doc joined the Schoolcraft Board of Education in 1966 where he served our students for 42 years. During this time, Doc Sauer was a charter member of the Schoolcraft Foundation. Doc is a local Teachers Professional Development Grant Donor. In addition, he awards an annual student scholarship.

The Schoolcraft High School Media Center was named in his honor in 2007 for his dedication and service to the school district. In retirement, if there is such a thing for Doc, he became a 4-H leader. He helps the students with horse health and how to handle them. Dr. Jack Sauer is just very interested in working with kids.

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