Eagles Make Soccer History for Schoolcraft

By Mark Blentlinger

With a team filled with underclassmen, Head Coach Chad Earles has a lot to look forward to next season with the Eagle men’s soccer team. There are three juniors: Jose Ramon, Brett Faulk and Myalz Berkheiser. Sophomores are Ronan Thompson, Nathan Riddle, Jacob Ryder, Nate Earles, Asher Puhalski, Luis Moragues, Kaleb Copeland and Alex Stoner. Freshman are Cody Gillespie and Josiah Stuart.

The young Eagles had seven wins, seven losses and three ties overall, four wins, four losses and one tie in Southwestern Athletic Conference play. The highlight of the season came when the Eagles were able to defeat Kalamazoo Lakeside Academy 8-0 in the MHSAA District quarterfinal. They then faced off against Kalamazoo Christian in the District semifinal for the first time in the young Eagles history. They were unable to top the Comets and lost 4-2. The Comets eventually went on to win the district championship. The future of men’s eagle soccer is heading in the right direction, according to Earles.

The following Schoolcraft players made all-conference and honorable mention: Brett Faulk and Myalz Berkheiser were named all-conference. Cody Gillespie, Jose Puente, Josiah Stuart, Nate Earles and Ronan Thompson all won honorable mention.

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