Common Bond Extended to Schoolcraft Elementary

By Sue Moore

Schoolcraft Schools’ Common Bond program is expanding to include students in third and fourth grades. The first event to celebrate the expansion of Common Bond will take place on Wednesday, December 11. It will focus on some team bonding activities, learning about individual differences and enjoying the entertainment of local magician, Alan Kazam, putting on his “I Can Do It” show.

Led by teacher Amy Green, Common Bond has been an extracurricular club at Schoolcraft High School for over 21 years. The club provides various activities for students of all abilities. Students who attend Common Bond events are provided opportunities to increase relationships with peers, gain a better understanding and tolerance of others’ differences and form friendships. All Schoolcraft High School students are welcome to participate in Common Bond. By doing so they learn to respect and work with others who are different than themselves. “It is a life skill all of us take to the streets every day as adults. The club has been a positive culture builder for students at the high school,” said Green.

Several years ago, the program expanded to the middle school with the help of special education teachers Chris Kato, Aaron Beery, and Alyssa McCoy. Most recently, Christine Fenner has been busy planning this first elementary-grade Common Bond event.

Schoolcraft Schools is dedicated to promoting and accepting an inclusive environment for all students. Common Bond is an extension of building this culture, Green pointed out. Common Bond’s theme is, “Be A Superhero, Join Common Bond!”

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