Adoption into a Family and God’s Kingdom

By John Fulton

Kim (Seeds) de Blecourt has released her third book, “I Call You Mine: Embracing God’s Gift of Adoption,” published by New Hope Publishers. De Blecourt is a 1980 Vicksburg High graduate who now lives in Holland, Michigan. She maintains contact with family and friends still living in the Vicksburg area.

She was awarded the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association’s 2019 Golden Scroll Award for the Bible Study Book of the Year for her new book.

Other winners this year included Michael W. Smith for lifetime achievement and Jennifer Kennedy Dean for “SEEK: 28 Days of Extraordinary Prayer.”

“I Call You Mine” is a six-week study focused on revealing incredible spiritual insights to those who embrace God’s heart of adoption. Jesus used stories to engage and teach. The Scripture passages and personal stories in this study uncover truths about adoption as God’s children. Caring for the unwanted is a privilege and is humbling. You will realize anew what it means to be chosen and redeemed, de Blecourt said.

De Blecourt examines adoption through the lens of Scripture, pointing adoptive parents again and again to the truths of God’s Word. “I Call You Mine” weaves the breathtaking costs and life-giving joys that most always come together in adoption. “Adoption welcomes a lonely child into a forever family and is a beautiful picture of God’s love for us,” de Blecourt said.

She became involved with vulnerable kids in high school and noticed a real need. She graduated from Western Michigan University and while there developed a deep sense of social justice. She recognized at an early age because of these formative experiences that being an adoptive parent would be in her future. When she met her husband, Jahn, he too understood the Christian ministry aspects of adoption. Together they have a daughter, Jacey.

In 2003, she began volunteering through Immanuel Church in the Ukraine. In 2010, the dream of adoption became reality when the couple adopted their son, Jake, from Odessa, Ukraine. This turned out to be a long process that resulted in de Blecourt being apart from her husband and daughter for nearly a year while enduring difficult living circumstances in Ukraine. This led her to write her first book, “Until We All Come Home”.

De Blecourt said, “This experience taught me what it means to be obedient to God no matter how daunting his calling is. If we obey Him, He will show us what He wants us to do.” De Blecourt advises us “to pray and not rely on our feelings, but to ask God what He wants. This will take courage, but he will supply the grace and strength to accomplish everything He has called us to do.”

De Blecourt had fulfilled the dream of adoption but did not feel fit to adopt more children due to the post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered following the year-long challenge in Ukraine. She still felt called to do more for other children. This led her to form a nonprofit ministry called Nourished Hearts in 2015. She partnered with Bethel Baptist Church in Yuzhny, Ukraine, to establish and sponsor the Nourished Hearts program, which has three legs under its model of care: prevention, transition and visitation.

De Blecourt is the founder and president of Nourished Hearts. Under the heading of prevention, Nourished Hearts provides medical and dental care, emergency shelter and other services to over 100 vulnerable children and their families, hoping to prevent the children from being sent to an orphanage. There is a staff of nine and 120 volunteers. Under the heading of visitation, Nourished Hearts is also involved in providing wrap-around services for the state-run orphanage in Petrovirivka, Ukraine. It supplies toiletries, Christmas presents, doctor visits and medication for 150 children the state does not provide these services for. Earlier this year, Nourished Hearts began its transition program, with a foster care pilot program.

If you would like more information or how to become involved visit or Her book was published in 2018 by New Hope Publishers.

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