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Hole in One for Dale Arndt

dale arndt hole in one
Dale Arndt on the par 3 hole number 4 at Indian Run Golf Club where he hit a hole in one.

By Sue Moore

Dale Arndt was playing the par 3, number 4 hole at Indian Run and looked around to find his ball but didn’t see it. He had hit his drive with a number 3 wood on September 25 on this 173-yard hole. He couldn’t find the ball when he got to the green. “I thought it was a bit short. When I searched for it, I looked in the cup and there it was,” he said.

“I’ve never had a hole in one after playing golf for over 30 years,” Arndt exclaimed. “Now I have my name on a plaque at Indian Run Golf course. I was playing with a couple of older guys that I didn’t even know. I’ve been close before but never like this. My wife doesn’t play golf but does like to ride along in the cart to take pictures.”

Arndt plays once a week in a league at Indian Run and sports close to a 14 handicap. He played in a flight tournament this fall and improved his game enough to register a nine handicap. Golf is Arndt’s pastime as a Pfizer electrician retiree at age 62. He has Type II diabetes and sometimes hires out as an electrical contractor. He has lived at Pickerel Lake for 30 years.

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