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Camille Wadley to Play Two Sports at KVCC

camille wadley
Camille Wadley will be a two-sport contributor for Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

By Sue Moore

Camille Wadley has set big goals for herself by signing with Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) to play two sports her freshman year. The coaches have encouraged her to play both softball and volleyball her first year out of Vicksburg High School. Valley’s volleyball coach Jennifer Buikema said, “We are excited to add Camille to our volleyball roster! She is an intense player with amazing leadership capabilities. Her setting skills alone make her a great player but add her intensity and leadership and you get the full package,”

Catching is her primary role on the Bulldog softball team. Or she could be a utility infielder. “I could play where ever they need me, even pitching,” Wadley said. “I love how I need to be thinking about the next play but still, I don’t want to overthink it. I’ve got to be aware of all the situations going on, have to know the game and everyone’s duty.”

She was recruited for catching but will have to work her way in to the lineup. She knows the current catcher at KVCC and is friends with her. “She is really good so I’ll have to go head to head with her.”

Wadley said she loves the pace in volleyball and how fast the game goes on. “Every point gets us there for each other while we can celebrate the good moments in life as teammates. I still go into the middle and try to say something encouraging, even if we have lost a point. I want to be a leader and assure my teammates it’s ok and try harder to get the next point and get the ball back.” She is a setter on Vicksburg’s District championship team. She started setting when she was 8, and likes being constantly in the play and involved. “I love having so much pressure on myself. There is adrenalin on every point.”

The coaches are happy for her to play two sports. By playing two sports she will get to meet many more people and expects it to be easier to make friends.

Wadley carries a 3.5 GPA and expects to major in kinesiology as she loved taking anatomy in high school. The major could lead a specialty in chiropractic, she mused. She is looking at going four years but doesn’t know which four-year school she will end up at. This year changed the sport of volleyball for her, so she couldn’t pass up participating in two sports while in college.

She has played softball for 10 years and is still playing travel ball for the Hurricanes. She has a job at Journey’s shoe store in the Crossroads Mall. Wadley said it’s hard to have a hobby when playing sports all the time. She enjoys working out while training at the high school.

Brandon and Tammy Wadley are her parents. She credits her dad with working with her to be the best she can possibly be. Her mom is her number one fan.

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