Gurjot Nanhra Art Exhibit at Schoolcraft Library

nanha artist
Gurjot Nanhra showcases her art work at the Schoolcraft Library.

Gurjot “Jo” Nanhra will be sharing her fluid art pieces with the Library during the month of January. The exhibit opened January 6 and closes on February 7.  Fluid art refers to an abstract art that uses thinned paints to create art without the use of a brush. Everyone is welcome to a reception for Jo Nanhra in the Community Room.

Nanhra said she discovered this style a few years back on Youtube and became very intrigued by the unique process. “I love making these paintings because it is relaxing and the flow of the paint is so intriguing. There are many different tools and techniques you can use to make the paintings even more diverse.”

Nanhra is 20 years old. She was born in Patiala, Punjab, India to Ram Singh and Anjit Kaur. Growing up in India, she remembers hearing her mom tell stories about painting scenes from post cards and portraits of other Indian women. “These stories really intrigued me as a child and sparked my passion for art. However, it wasn’t until we moved to the United States in 2008 when I realized my artistic talent. In 2012 Theresa Boyer convinced me to join the school art club,” Nanhra said.

“This even further developed my love for art. In spring of that year, we painted birds on the office windows of the school. I got so many compliments on my bird that year and to this day, it is one of my favorite moments. Fast forward to high school: During my senior year, I got to experiment will all different types of media and I quickly fell in love with oil paints,” Nanhra explained.

“When I graduated from Schoolcraft high school, right before my mom’s 50th birthday I decided I would paint a picture of my grandmother for her. It took me two months to complete the painting and to this day it is the piece I am most proud of. I continued to develop my artistic skills in college by studying fine arts at Kalamazoo Valley and now, switching into product design at Western Michigan University.”

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