Great View for Wedding on the Green at Angels Crossing

angels crossingBy Sue Moore

Angels Crossing is a golf course with special amenities that brides and grooms like to seek out for their wedding day. In the past, it has hosted small wedding receptions in the clubhouse which seats about 100 comfortably. It utilizes a large outdoor tent that can seat up to 140 on the grounds to the west of the clubhouse in the summer.

The Renaissance management team that oversees the golf course, headed by Tom Ham, is intent on changing the venue. He describes a gorgeous outdoor setting for a “wedding on the green.” It won’t be ready for an event until some time in August, he said. A much larger space for the green will be carved out and seeded this spring. Then we wait for the grass to grow and support foot traffic on the whole area.

The current practice green for golfers will be enlarged so it extends up to the on site tent. “The setting is a beautiful sight, on a bluff overlooking Portage Creek and Barton Lake. We will knock all the brush down to enhance the view on both the west and south side of the green. This scenic venue is our advantage in hosting weddings, as you can’t beat the scenery. No one else has that kind of vista, he claimed.”

The club house is open year-round for inside weddings, Ham said. “We had to improve the practice green anyway so why not turn it into a wedding venue and make it really special was our thinking. In addition, we are just trying to get the whole tree plan in place so what is there won’t obstruct the view. The restaurant will open in late March when the golf course play gets underway but it is open now for events,” Ham said.

The amenities for a wedding be they indoor or outside, include spacious bathrooms for getting dressed, great food and beverage service and plenty of parking, according to Ham. Reservations can be made by calling 269-649-2700 or by email at

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