Weddings and Reception Venues Featured for February

Weddings can be big business heading into the peak season, when couples say “I do.” With Valentine’s Day upon us, this focus on romance and weddings seems timely.

The South County News staff chose to highlight event centers in our readership area to give folks a sense of what is available. These sites are for receptions, though some are ready for the wedding ceremony as well. We may have missed a few, but that would just be an oversight. And of course, our local churches have fine facilities for both the ceremony and the reception.

One trend we noticed: barn-like settings out in the countryside, with three new ones popping up in Schoolcraft and Fulton recently.

There wasn’t enough space in the newspaper to include stories about wedding consultants, caterers, photographers, bakers or any of the other vendors that are needed to make the big day come off without a hitch. We were able to identify two local DJ’s and a bridesmaid to tell their stories and round out our coverage. Perhaps next year we will tackle other businesses who help make weddings so special.

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