Battle of the Books Winners

star 4
Pictured above, from left, are Oliver Hammond, Adler Hammond, Matthew Peters, Jennie Taylor (their third-grade teacher), Isaac Sandelin, Caiden Caswell and Ian Triemstra.

The Star Readers from Vicksburg’s Sunset Lake Elementary captured their second Grand Battle of the Books title in the February contest held at Schoolcraft Performing Arts Center and sponsored by the Schoolcraft Library. The Stars were an experienced group of 5th grade boys: They had won as 4th graders  last year and since added one new member, Adler Hammond. Their coaches were Brenda Peters and Connie Sandelin.

The Star Readers and the three other teams squaring off in the Grand Battle had to answer 21 questions about the dozen books all were assigned to read and remember. The teams had 30 seconds to decide on the answer and then send their representative to the microphone to see if it was correct. Jennie Taylor, who had selected the books, judged the answers. The Star Readers won with an almost perfect score of 105 out of 110 possible points.

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