A Memory Test for You…

marilyn jonesThings are always changing. I can remember lots of things that are obsolete now. Can you recall when…..

1. Girls always wore a dress or skirt to school?

2. Or do you remember sucking on slivers of ice from the back of the ice wagon?

3. Or when most small boys carried a jackknife?

4. Or sending for a de-coder badge, advertised on the radio?

5. Or the days when the gas station workers washed your windshield and checked the oil?

6. When you went roller skating by using a key to tighten the skates to your shoes and then buckled the ankle straps?

7. When a nickel would buy an ice cream cone, a package of gum, or a Coke?

8. Do you remember the words to, “If I knew you were comin’ I’d a baked a cake?”

9. And when you snuggled at an outdoor movie, with the sound box clipped to a window?

Someday you will say, “Do you remember the year 2020, when the entire world shut down?” Yes, soon it will be history. We must try to remember all the kindness that people have shown with phone calls, good food dropped off, or a caring note.

And dear friend, if you remember all these things, you’re a lot older than I thought you were!

Marilyn Jones,
Schoolcraft’s poet laureate

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