Newfound Appreciation for Teachers

Delaney 2
William Delaney, Schoolcraft first grader, plays outside at his home.

By Rob Peterson

Schoolcraft parent Myra Delaney wants teachers and support staff to know how much they are appreciated. “They are the foundation of our community,” she said.

Delaney, a stay-at-home parent who formerly worked in the criminal justice system, admits that she may not have been cut out to be a teacher. “My first-grader is testing boundaries, and a teacher knows how to find that break-through moment” when you can turn a challenging interaction into a teaching opportunity. “You don’t always know if a kid this age is acting out because he’s confused or because you’re his parent.”

“My son is a very active and social kid, and he really misses his teacher,” she said. Fortunately, they live on a hobby farm just outside of town, so they can keep busy with their horses, goats, and riding a four-wheeler on their property.

While virtual learning is a “huge adjustment,” she is developing a good routine as teachers begin posting more rigorous activities on See Saw, the online learning app that Schoolcraft is using. “My son needs constant encouragement,” she said. Despite the steep learning curve, she wants to help her son keep up with his work.

“I just hope the teachers don’t have to undo all the homeschooling that I’m doing,” joked Delaney.

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