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“Let’s Go Out for Lunch”

By Marilyn Jones,
Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

For three long months
I’ve been quarantined at home,
No shopping or meetings…
Thank goodness for my phone.

Among some other side effects
I’ve heard the “Virus 15” is one,
Someone figured we’d gain 15 pounds
Before this pandemic is done.

A good meal is always welcome
At the end of a lonely day,
I hope it won’t last much longer
For I’m ready to go out and play.

We missed Palm Sunday and Easter
Then Mother’s Day went by,
Now the 4th of July is canceled
It makes a person want to cry.

The last time I went to the doctor
She said, “You need more exercise,”
I’ve become a Golden Arches regular
‘Cause I thought she said, “more French-Fries.”

It’s time for my afternoon cookie
With a cup of Earl Grey tea,
Then I’ll take a little stroll
I wish you were here to walk with me.

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