Brady Township Clerk Race

Incumbent Michelle Crawford and challenger Christian Wines are seeking the Republican nomination for Brady Township clerk in the Aug. 4 primary. The current salary for the four-year term is $36,522.

Michelle Crawford for Brady Township Clerk: I am running for re-election for Brady Township Clerk. I believe my experience and dedication to the people of Brady Township makes me the best candidate for this position. I have the experience and knowledge for this position and have served Brady Township since 2012. My experience includes hours of specialized training as well as on the job training. I have served in a number of different capacities in local government including Planning Commission, trustee, and more. I am also a member of the Michigan Townships Association. I believe in being fully transparent and accountable for all decisions and actions that are placed before the Board. Our businesses and residents deserve to know what is happening in the township, and the best way we can provide this information is through open communication and mutual respect. My goal is to be helpful, insightful, and to be open-minded about new and old issues as they arise. On a personal level, you will find that I am honest, I have integrity, I am respectful of others and, as your township clerk, I will commit to providing you with the best service possible delivering factual and honest information.

Christian Wines: I’m currently going to Western Michigan University. I’ll be graduating in December, with a bachelor’s degree in political science. For the past year and a half, I have worked for the Village of Vicksburg, gathering crucial knowledge that I will bring with me to the Township. Being able to grow up in a community where everybody is so close to one another is a blessing in its own. Now I have an opportunity to give back to this community that I was so fortunate to grow up in. And to have the amount of support that I have – it has been surreal. To also have the support of Brady Township Supervisor Tracy Locey and Trustee John Meyer is such an honor. I am running for township clerk to ensure transparency and fiscal responsibility. I believe that elected officials owe it to all their constituents to be as transparent as possible. Elected officials should also keep the taxpayer’s best interests in mind when conducting business, since that is who they are representing. As Brady Township Clerk, I will ensure that the best interests of all township residents are kept in mind, in orders of business.

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