Dem 6th District Race

Jon Hoadley is a three-term Michigan state representative from the 60th District and a lifetime advocate for change who comes from a family of educators and a tradition of public service. Jon graduated from Michigan State University and worked as an organizer and advocate, ultimately starting a small business that worked with community organizations and non-profit groups to promote civil rights, economic justice, and clean air and water. Jon and his partner, Kris, live in Kalamazoo with the world’s friendliest beagle, Benjamin. As a state representative, Jon partners with our community to invest in education, build an economy for everyone, advocate for social justice, and clean up the environment. Jon is running for Congress in Michigan’s 6th District to put people and community back in the center of decisions being made in Washington because it’s time we face the future and our country’s challenges head-on with fresh ideas.

Jen Richardson is a science teacher and mother of two young girls in Kalamazoo. Her family is confronted with the same issues that a majority of citizens in the 6th Congressional district face every day, issues like access to high-quality childcare and education, health care, and jobs that provide good incomes and benefits for working families. Jen has been teaching in public high schools for almost a decade, including in Chicago, Ill. and South Haven. Jen has held close ties to Michigan through family since birth and she is running for office now because she believes we need to change the face of Congress so that it better represents the people. Jen is advocating for people from the frontlines of our communities, including teachers, nurses, and social workers, to have a seat at the table crafting the policies that affect our lives. Her values center on faithful representation, supporting working people and families, and fighting inequality.  She believes elected officials must reflect the diversity and needs of their constituents. She wants to help Americans live happier, healthier lives and is a fierce advocate for equality by strongly supporting an antiracist agenda that provides equity to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

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