GOP Senate Primary

John James.

Republicans Bob Carr and John James are competing in Michigan’s Aug. 4 U.S. Senate primary to oppose incumbent Democrat Gary Peters in the Nov. 3 election. The six-year term pays $174,000 annually. Carr did not submit a biography and statement.

John James has lived his life placing service before self.  As a combat veteran, businessman, husband and father, John believes Michigan deserves leadership dedicated to protecting our freedoms for the next generation. 

As a teenager, John decided to serve his country in the U.S Army. He graduated from West Point and went on to become a Ranger-qualified aviation officer. John served with distinction in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he logged over 750 combat flight hours, leading two Apache helicopter platoons.

After eight years of service to the nation, John James returned to Detroit to work in the family business, James Group International. As president, John grew the company into a major trading partner with Michigan’s auto industry.

John’s main priorities when elected to the U.S. Senate:

• Reforms to our healthcare policy that protect pre-existing conditions and at-risk populations without passing along undue burdens to patients, providers and businesses.

• Reducing barriers to entry for entrepreneurs who want to create jobs in their community.

• Champion national security policies that secure our positioning as leaders in the global marketplace.

John and his wife, Liz, have made their family home in Farmington Hills, where they are raising their three boys.  John looks forward to serving his country and protecting our Constitutional freedoms as a member of the U.S. Senate.

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