What I Admired About Sue

By Linda Lane

What I admired most about Sue:

She was inclusive. She gave new people a chance to be included and tapped them for their skill set. 

She believed each of us could make a difference. She knew some would, and some wouldn’t.

She was dedicated to working hard for what she was committed to.

She would fight for truth. And she would tell the story. But she knew life was complicated.

She always tried to do what was right and what was best for all.

She was an inspiration to many. She was a trailblazer for women to be involved and active in the government and the community. She was a good leader.

She had a big heart. She shared it with many people.

She was humble. She gave credit to others and shied from being in the spotlight.

It was hard for her to say no. She wanted to do it all, and although it was hard for her to ask for help, she knew when it was necessary.

There is no replacing her. She’ll be immensely missed, because she truly was extraordinary.

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