WOOF! From a Lucky Dog

Where have you gone? After just a short time together, we had become pals. What fun it was to go on walks with you and always get a treat. Good food and fresh water were waiting when I was hungry and thirsty. The best part was the rubs behind my ears. I’d give you a face lick for that.

Every day I got excited when I heard your car in the drive. We shared a lot of happiness. I apologize for chewing on your best purse. It felt good to sink my teeth into that soft leather. After obedience school, I learned what “NO” means and that shoes and purses are off limits for me.

Now I have a new home. I thought it was “Heaven on Earth” to be living with you, but my new caretaker is giving me treats and earning my affection. Things change, but I miss my best friend.


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