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Spring updates from our community

Many thanks to Brenda and Annie for giving us a sweet peek at your special relationship.

We hope this month’s edition contains some articles that not only inform but provide some inspiration and enjoyment: The latest news from our village governments, local school boards, student athletic accomplishments and acts of service are just a few features we include.

Many of our readers tell us they appreciate the obituaries we offer as a free service to our communities. Because we must edit for space limitations, we have begun including funeral home websites, when available, so that readers may access the full obituaries and other details. We hope this helps.

This month’s recipe is provided by Brenda Schimp with a little help from her granddaughter, Annie. I have attended many graduation parties over the years where Brenda presents this lovely dessert for her family and friends. She is a special person, and her recipe is special, too. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

We are adding a column by Jef Rietsma next month called “South County Collectors” which will feature a South County resident’s collection. We are excited to see what unique things our friends and neighbors have collected over the years. Please consider sharing your interests and passion for collecting with our readers.

Congratulations to Recent Alma College Graduate

Cassandra Goerge of Schoolcraft received a bachelor of arts degree magna cum laude in psychology.

Special Birthday Wishes

My friend Marilyn Jones celebrated a special March birthday. For me, one of the highlights of each month is receiving a special handwritten note from Marilyn and a selection of her original poems. Besides April’s featured poem, Marilyn’s March note shared her enjoyment of her day and the time spent with family and friends. Happy Birthday, dear Marilyn!

Thank You

Many thanks to those of you who support our efforts to bring you “good news” from our area. You make this publication possible.

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