Vicksburg video files available for promotions

Alex Lee holds thumb drives containing Vicksburg area video files donated by Bike Friendly Kalamazoo to Vicksburg-area civic organizations.

By Paul Selden

Bike Friendly Kalamazoo (BFK) has donated 300 professionally produced video segments featuring highlights of Vicksburg and South County on thumb drives that will soon be available at the Vicksburg District Library.

The segments, or “B-Roll” as they are known in the industry, were shot by Public Media Network (PMN) as part of BFK’s annual Fall Bike Celebration Weekend. Bike Friendly Kalamazoo engaged Public Media Network to shoot the segments with support from The Vicksburg Foundation and PMN. The video files consist of brief scenes that can be woven into creative productions, copyright free.

Paul Selden, chair of Bike Celebration, presented thumb drives in February to Alex Lee at the Vicksburg Village offices and Kitch Rinehart, co-founder with husband Hugh of the Vicksburg Quilt Trial. Selden said, “I want to offer special thanks to The Vicksburg Foundation and Public Media Network for their role in making possible these very contemporary video segments, and to Tim Fuller and Charlie Church of our Fall Bike Celebration planning committee for suggesting a list of area highlights to be shot.”

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