A gazebo full of bankers

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

Four times a year they have been meeting,
A group of retirees from KCSB,
But because of the recent pandemic
The last few were cancelled, you see.

Now that they’ve been vaccinated
With plans to meet at Burch Park in June,
It was a sunny, 90 degree day
But there was shade in the gazebo at noon.

Friends drifted in from all directions
Co-workers, several women and two men,
Hugs were shared, sack lunches were enjoyed
As for reunions, I’d give it a ten!

The bank was a great place to work
Customers were treated with cordiality,
Those workers all enjoy remembering
Staff meetings and general camaraderie.

The early pancake breakfast
(When the men cooked)
Girls in raggedy robes
(A sight, I must say),
With hair in rollers, how we laughed,
But they were presentable when
the doors opened that day.

And Hallowe’en was crazy
The entire town came in to see,
A grim-reaper, cannibal, roller skaters,
Popeye and even bank-robbers
(Not a good place for them to be!)

Maybe a teller cashed your paycheck
Perhaps your car repairs needed a loan,
As a bookkeeper balanced your checking account
Lots of personal service was done by phone.

One of the most treasured gifts is friends
They’ve had good times with these guys and gals,
It was great, spending our days together
And it’s fun to reminisce with your old pals!

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