September in south county

Isn’t September grand? After August’s excessive heat and humidity, this stretch of 70-degree days and 50-degree nights is perfect. Early apples are appearing at the farmers markets and roadside stands, and home gardeners are picking and canning tomatoes, filling their shelves for a taste of summer during the winter ahead. The butterflies and honeybees are busy in our gardens, especially around the zinnias. What a great time of year!

Schools are back in session, and soon we will hear the home crowds at sporting events. It sure is nice to return to some traditions and activities we enjoy.

This is our celebratory issue of 150 years of Vicksburg and the 100th edition of the South County News. Our community’s ancestors would be proud of all that is happening: the renovations, the improvements, and the focus on the future. This issue is brimming with history and happenings, and for that, we are thankful.

Supporting local

Please continue to support our local businesses in both communities. Parking is available during construction in downtown Vicksburg, and business owners hope you take those few extra steps to their establishments. Even spending a few dollars locally every week can make the difference between a business thriving or closing.

Student recognition correction

We didn’t give Logan Pauli recognition as receiving a Grand Valley State University Academic Excellence Award for General Business. We apologize for incorrectly using his brother’s name and congratulate Logan for his accomplishments.

Many thanks

We believe a local newspaper is important as it informs citizens of current events and features the activities and focus of various groups and organizations. We appreciate your contributions and hope you consider a financial contribution if you haven’t done so.

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