Backpack Bonanza a success in 2021

A sampling of backpacks donated for this year’s bonanza.

The start of school is here – it’s back-to-school routines, friends, and homework. Sheri Louis, executive director of Generous Hands, Inc. prepares for months securing donations for the back-to-school bonanza event. This year may have looked different during a pandemic, although the needs remain constant. The Backpack Bonanza, held on August 7 proved to be popular – 55 families attended; 146 backpacks were given out. This year Meijer generously donated over 200 backpacks, face shields, and two generous gift cards. The event was held outside at the Generous Hands/South County Community Services office.

“Generous Hands, Inc. truly appreciate the support of the community. This event could not happen without the many donations and all of the caring volunteers,” Louis said. What does it take to staff an event like this? Generous Hands welcomed 19 volunteers. Preparing volunteers with their work schedules, Louis scribes the word bonanza: the Random House College Dictionary definition is “a source of great and sudden wealth or luck”. She goes on to say, “I am not sure a backpack full of school supplies would seem to be a source of great or sudden wealth to most of us; I do believe that for many of the children, it is. The smiles on the kids’ faces will bring a source of great and sudden wealth to all of us working at the Bonanza.”

For more information about Generous Hands and how it supports our community, please visit or contact Sheri Louis at (269) 370-7965.

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