Downtown Vicksburg work to finish this season

By Jef Rietsma

Asphalt paving of Prairie between Richardson and Main in Vicksburg is scheduled to begin during the week ending Oct. 9, Village Manager Jim Mallery said.

“Everything is underground on Prairie and the restoration between Kalamazoo and Main streets will be “full-throttle ahead that week,” he said, adding he is anticipating curb construction on Prairie in the week of Oct. 11 or the beginning of the following week.

Mallery said Prairie should have completed curbs and a base layer of asphalt by the end of October, with similar work on Main Street 7-10 days behind that on Prairie.

“We’re still on schedule to be out of downtown this construction season. We’ll also be putting in the sewer and water lines on Washington Street between Main and Michigan,” he said.

Earlier, the manager had provided an update for other streets east of Main. Work related to the pavement base and leveling asphalt has been completed on Prairie from Davis to Wilson and on Wilson Street.

“Work is on schedule and we anticipate the downtown work to be completed, including the new streetscape, this construction season,” Mallery said.

Mallery described work on several portions of the project, starting with Spruce, Division and Pearl. Workers have paved Pearl and Division, and disability ramps on Pearl have been poured.

On Prairie from Davis to Wilson and on Wilson, work related to the pavement base and leveling asphalt has been completed. Workers have also finished asphalt pads and prepped driveway concrete pads. Construction crews have fixed two pads incorrectly prepped for asphalt when they should have been concrete, Mallery said.

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