Roxie’s comes to Vicksburg

There’s a new restaurant coming to town: Roxie’s will replace Michelle’s on 343 West Prairie at Boulevard St. Stephen Walantyn, owner of the Roxie’s on Gull Road, says he’s excited to have the chance to come to Vicksburg. “When Mike Leeuw approached us about taking over the Michelle’s, we didn’t have to think long.”

Walantyn is a former employee of Mike and Jane Leeuw, owners of Michelle’s. They were impressed by Walantyn’s passion for the food industry and his focus on customer service. Walantyn and his family are grateful for the opportunity.

“Michelle’s has already created a name for itself, and with our twist on the menu and focusing hard on lunch as well, we knew that Roxie’s Vicksburg would be a great home for us!”

The restaurant is named in honor of Walantyn’s late mother, the former matriarch of the family and an avid food lover.

Roxie’s will begin the hiring process for this location as early as November 8. It is seeking strong kitchen help. Interested applicants can send a resume to or visit Roxie’s Gull Road location.

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