Welcome to winter in South County

Several months ago, one of our readers emailed me about a sweet experience. When she was walking her dog, a woman stopped to give her dog a treat. Our reader didn’t have the woman’s name, but said that it was so nice, and that this happened numerous times. She said she would try to get this person’s name and get back to me. I mentioned it at a monthly business meeting, and I had forgotten about it.

Last month the name of this mystery woman became clear to our board: Jan Haas. Jan died last December, and as members of our board talked about her, we realized it was Jan who was stopping at various times around the village to give dogs special treats. My first memory of Jan is her volunteerism with the Vicksburg Ambulance Service. Her acts of kindness towards canines and humans are many, and I am thankful that I knew her.

Several weeks ago, we had our first significant snowfall of the year. Several pictures of area children at play appear on this page. I hope it reminds you of the joy of snow play.

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