A special day!

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

“Happy Birthday, Pretty Baby”
August 8th is a day to celebrate
When Laurie entered our lives,
A good reason to rejoice on that date.

You were the “caboose” of our six kids
But fit right in…it was meant to be,
I was proud when you were the Drum Major
Life in the 80’s was more carefree.

What fun you have always been
How fast the years have flown,
Your Facebook, “Growing up in Schoolcraft”
Has become quite well known.

Our first trip to Disneyworld was wonderful
And bike-riding at Mackinac Island one time,
Swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas
And that wild ride to Chicago (I spent every dime.)

In Nursing School at Bronson Hospital
You learned so many things to do,
After five years in the Emergency Rooms
You were ready to leave Kalamazoo.

I adopted your cat, knew I’d really miss you
When off to Phoenix, you and Brad flew,
But that was a great place to visit
So much for us to see and do.

Now living in Missouri, with two special kids
For your healthy, happy lives I pray,
I’m the luckiest Mom in the world
‘Cause you call me…every day!

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