Vicksburg district hires new staff

By Jef Rietsma

Vicksburg Community Schools is resolving its staffing needs for the 2022-23 academic year, filling open positions and, in other cases, shuffling staff as circumstances warrant.

During the board’s July 11 meeting, nearly a dozen new staff members were hired. Superintendent Keevin O’Neill said at that time there were just a few more slots to fill.

“We have three teachers that we’re still looking to hire but other than that, we’re moving in a good direction,” he said. “We also have some para-pros that we need to replace. Stay tuned; we’re hoping to have a good end to this month.”

The summary of new hires and reassignments of current employees to a position different from last year:

High school: English teacher, Lindsey Chatel; math, Nicole Bruggema.

Middle school: science, Michelle Wistinghausen; media specialist, Joe Wing; assistant principal, Joe Werkema; social studies, Matt Brussee; English and ESL, Alexa Neumann.

Sunset Lake: first grade, Jill Braman and Brenda Warner; second grade, Tabitha Sears; third grade, Kelly Sanchez; fourth grade, Rebecca Wing; fifth grade, Samantha Witters; media specialist, Kristen Shook; student-support coordinator, Amanda Lewis; building interventionalist, Kris Fulton; administrative assistant, Alicia Sprinkle.

Tobey: Fourth grade, Michelle Malito.

Indian Lake: first grade, Amber Beal.

Administration building: instructional coaches, Laura Chang, Kyle Baker and Megan Lynn; human resources, Lourdes Franco-Puzevic.

Other: SEL/student success coordinator, Laura Gordon.

O’Neill said he expects to have an updated list to share at the board’s Aug. 8 meeting.

He added the incoming kindergarten class as of July 11 will be 184 students. With 175 students graduating in 2022, that’s a net gain of nine students for the 2022-23 school year, based solely on outgoing and incoming students.

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